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Waste Characteristics and Management Studies

The characteristics of waste and its management are one of the focuses of InSWA which aims to find and validate data on waste management from various activities. Short term studies have been carried out in collaboration with governments or international organizations.

1. Port Waste Management Study
A port waste management study was carried out in 2011 funded by German International Cooperation (GIZ), where InSWA conducted a port waste management study at the largest port in Indonesia, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. This study includes estimates of the amount and type of waste in the port and its surroundings, including those in Jakarta Bay, which originates from 13 rivers in DKI Jakarta Province..

Year 2011
Location: Jakarta
Related parties :

1. German International Cooperation (GIZ)
2. PT. Pelindo II (Tanjung Priok Port Authority)


2. Study of Private Sector Involvement in Urban Waste Management

In the same year, namely 2011, InSWA has also assisted the Danida Business Partnership program to assess private sector participation in urban waste management through interviews with several private companies in Indonesia that are involved in the solid waste sector. The study covers landfill, recycling and methane gas operations in Indonesia.
year 2011
Location: Jakarta, Bali, Semarang, Bekasi
Related Partiest :
1. Denmark International Cooperation (Danida)
2. Private sector on waste industry


3. Specific Waste Assessment Study
In 2011, InSWA also conducted a study on the characteristics of specific waste, especially household hazardous waste. Funded by the Ministry of Environment, the research results are used as a scientific basis for the formulation of Government Regulations on Specific Waste. Data collection was not only carried out around industrial areas and urban areas, but also from the debris by taking a case study in the city of Yogyakarta which had been hit by an earthquake and a volcanic eruption.

Year: 2011
Location: Jakarta dan Yogyakarta
Related Parties :Ministry of Environment


4. Social Survey on Waste Processing Facilities
In 2012, InSWA conducted a survey of the communities living around the waste processing facility, with an emphasis on social and communication aspects. This survey is used to develop social and environmental marketing strategies for planning the application of high technology in urban waste management.

Year: 2012
Location: Jakarta
Related Parties :

1. Private Sector
2. Kirai Foundation